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Microsoft will remove the original Edge browser in the next update

Microsoft will remove the original Edge browser in the next update

The routine security update for Windows 10, which will be released in about two months, will not only fix security vulnerabilities, but will also remove and install software or, more precisely, the company’s Edge browser, so Revealed Microsoft on Friday.

The Edge in its previous version will be removed from the computers on which the update will be installed that will be released on Tuesday, April 13. And its new version, based on Chrome Google will install on them if it is not already installed.

For one thing, this is a pretty understandable step. This is because the original Edge browser, which came with the Windows 10 operating system in July 2015, will no longer be supported after next month’s security update, due out on March 9. In other words, security vulnerabilities discovered in this browser later will not be repaired. On the other hand, removing one piece of software and installing another without user approval is a controversial step, one that the company has already been heavily criticized for using in the past, and it is unclear why it doesn’t allow users any choice in this regard. .

The removal of the original Edge is valid for all versions of Windows 10 from the one that came out in the first half of 2018 to the one that came out at the end of last year. The installation of the new browser is valid for the same versions, except the latest That already comes with the new browser. The company promises that later the old browser will also be replaced by older versions of the system, adding that shortcuts to the old browser will be replaced by shortcuts to the new browser, but without changing the default website for users who chose browsers from other companies. – another controversial move.

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