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Minecraft: Gamer rebuilds the entire universe

Minecraft: Gamer rebuilds the entire universe

It’s amazing how much energy people put into Minecraft. One of the impressive new creations is the replica of the entire universe. Minecraft fanatic ChrisDaCow painstakingly recreated the galaxies and planets using original recordings. Wow! You can let the result work on you in the form of a YouTube video.

galaxies, planets, black holes

Don’t get us wrong: ChrisDaCow has not just recreated a small idea, but the entire universe. As you can also see in the video, the Minecraft expert considered various galaxies, planets, and even black holes. According to his own statements, this is not only the best video he has created so far, but also one of the projects in which he has invested the most work and time.

The creation of the whole thing should have taken more than 2 months. According to his own statement, he only used the standard Minecraft tools: Optifine and Worldedit. Worldedit in particular should have been a great help with the project. With the popular map editor you can place many blocks at once.

The fans are very impressed.

The video has made waves so far. Not only on YouTube, but also on Twitter and on various websites. Even the official Xbox UK Twitter account shared the video. On top of that, Chrisdacow’s post on the Minecraft subreddit quickly garnered over 100,000 upvotes.

The Minecraft community almost over the moon. But that’s not surprising when you watch the video. We can’t wait to see what comes next. Either way, the universe will be hard to beat as a replica.

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