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Minecraft Harry Potter: server, map and mod, where to find them?  - Breakfast

Minecraft Harry Potter: server, map and mod, where by to uncover them? – Breakfast

How to obtain the Hogwarts map, to immerse oneself in the globe of Harry Potter in Minecraft?

Expensive Muggles, you’ve got generally needed to immerse on your own in the entire world ofHarry Potterand journey like him to Hogwarts, the wizarding college?

Many thanks to the map Witchcraft and sorcery on Minecraft, it is feasible ! This map took several months to be built by different fans, and it provides a extremely immersive practical experience!

How do I obtain and put in Witchcraft and Wizardry?

To download the map, only go to the map creator’s web-site and down load it through the Mediafire platform.

>>>>> Magic and sorcery of the internet site <<<<

Once the executable is downloaded, you need to link it to Minecraft. You must have the version 1.16.3 Minecraft installed beforehand. To do this, go to the launcher and at the top left of the panel Setting. Then create a new version of the game, in Minecraft 1.16.3. Remember to start the game once after creating version 1.16.3 of the game, that the files are downloaded. Otherwise the installer will not work.

he is too recommended to install Optifine 1.16.3 for a better gaming experience and better performance.

>>>>> Downloading Optifine <<<<

Don’t forget to click Show all versions, and download the version corresponding to Minecraft 1.16.3!

Witchcraft and Sorcery can be accessed only, but also in multiplayer, although it is recommended not to have more than two on the card.

The map offers a very complete gameplay, and transforms Minecraft into a Role playing game immersive, far from the game we know. There are many options available and it is not necessary to download a separate resource pack.

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Les Youtubers Laink et Terracid have recently played on this map, causing a craze for this map.