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Tools up!  Garden Party takes us into the world of gardening

Tools up! Garden Party takes us into the world of gardening

Among all the games dedicated to cooperative and DIY, Tools up! updates with the first of 3 DLC: Garden Party.

Knights of Unity game, published by All in Games It immediately turned out to be an amazing party game where up to 4 players will use the necessary equipment to perform DIY jobs: Fixing doors, moving furniture and fixing everything within the time limit will be the main objectives of our players.

With the new DLC, the craziest renovation team in the world will have to deal with 15 themed levels of gardening and tree houses: Watering, sowing, mowing the lawn and removing weeds will be the initial actions of the first levels, until reaching increasingly complex and… annoying combinations!

Garden Party extends the already fun Tools Up experience with gardens and fun activities.

Each mission will have a time limit and a progress bar that will show the different activities carried out and the score obtained. To add a dash of panache is instead an elusive raccoon, who will try to steal any object players use it for the sole purpose of hiding or breaking it.

Besides the gameplay colorful and funthey also arrive new costumes and moves, all with the appearance of foxes and raccoons.

Beautifying gardens, mowing, seeding and watering lawns, putting new speakers in your neighbors pool will be even more fun thanks to cooperation between players, which could also be the cause of schedule delay or hustle due to collision with your teammates.

Knights of Unity done expansion is now available for all platforms and can be purchased in the respective stores or in the game site.

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Garden Party adds new content and challenges for players, in the hope that subsequent updates will introduce new levels and tools along with new themes and increasingly bizarre houses from Tools Up!