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Mismatched socks, how to reuse them to clean the house without spending 1 euro


The unique socks are a real nightmare, you never understand how they manage to separate from their partner. But that’s not the end of the couple!

Mismatched Socks – Daily Bed

Did you know that his honor was decreed on February 5 as the day of the uneven socks? It is about a fun occasion, which for more than ten years has symbolically united all those mere mortals who lose their socks in the washing and they can no longer be a partner.

Mismatched socks, what to do?

There are countless ways to reuse unmatched socks. Creativity has no limits. Before you throw them away, you need to make sure where their partner might be, whether it’s in the laundry basket, in the washing machine, or in the wrong drawer. or in our pet’s toys.

The creativity of each one allows you to reuse them in a thousand ways. For example, they can be used to clean and polish shoes or to maintain in the car to avoid getting your hands dirty.

For a cleaning in the house faster. To do this, simply put a sock in your hand, spray it with a household cleaning product and use it to clean furniture or appliances.

To keep the mug warm in which to pour your drink. To create this “sleeve” to save hot drink, it will be enough cut the ankle part of the sockand insert it, having made a hole for the handle, into the cup.

Pick up dust from floors. If you have a mop at home, just wrap it in mismatched socks and wipe it around the house. Eventually they can be machine washed and you will save on disposable cloths.

Small dolls for pet games

The unmatched socks can be reused to make your own. small dolls or puppets for children or games for our pets. To make them we will have to fill them with cotton, old fabric or other old socks.

Also socks can be filled with one. dried flower mix flavored or seasoned, to be used as natural deodorants to store in cabinets and drawers.

Making Sock Puppets - Daily Bed

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