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[Puzzle & Dragons]The result of taking the “SGF Questionnaire” …! This is a gacha god that should definitely be retired !! | AppBank

The long-awaited “Super God Quiz Festival” will take place starting on November 27th.
This time, three writers challenge this gacha. What are the results?

* See gacha results for reference only.

Quiz about the Super God festival

period:11/27 (Saturday) 12: 00-12 / 05 (Sunday) 11:59

The “Super God Quiz Festival” that many players were waiting for is finally taking place!
This time around, the likelihood of characters becoming TOP3 in the quiz has been increased, and a new festival cap has even appeared.

▼ Top 3 in each questionnaire

▼ New limit of festivals “Safira”

Looking at the cap of the festival as a whole, the broadcast rate is also the highest ever, and it’s a perfect attraction, gacha!
If there is a character you are targeting, go pull it with all your might and no problem.

Especially for those who love “Daytona”, “Sea Wolf” and “Cecilia”!

▼ Probability of issuance of the festival limit

The 3 main questionnaires: 2.0% (6 bodies)
Other ★ 7 festival limit:17.16% in total (13 bodies with 1.32% each)
Other ★ limit of 6 festivals:15.84% in total (12 bodies with 1.32% each)

Total: 45%

Let’s do it now!

BRAKER 10 consecutive results

BRAKER gets 6 bodies in 10 consecutive festivals ★ 7, ★ 6 limit!

It’s more than half …! !!

It is a content in which you can feel the genius of this gacha as soon as possible.
First of all, the festival cap rate is as high as 45%, which is exceptional, but even if you really throw it away, this is true.

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Even if there is no target festival cap, it can be a gacha that can be mined as a replenishment for replacement bullets without any loss! ??

BRAKER “Yosha, I’ll change Mariel for a while”

10 consecutive Dasu results

Get 6 Festival Limits with 10 consecutive Days! ??
In addition, Cecilia, who was in the TOP3, is also drawn in a marked way, and even the appearance of Nautilus …

No, this gacha is really weird. Too delicious.
I want to draw infinitely … but it’s almost 10th anniversary …! !!

The conflict will not go away, but it will probably be mined every 10 magic stones.
No help for God Gacha so far (◜ω◝)

Das “When I pulled Sakuya, I looked like Sapphira for a moment.”

Bigeye 10 consecutive results

Bigeye-san finally got the Seawolf and Cecilia that she had been looking for for a long time!

The person himself is delighted with this.
First of all, it is in the top 3 of the quiz, so even if you are not Kintoki-san, there are many people who want it!

Mr. Kintoki has already reached a result that is more than enough, but it seems like he’s secretly throwing a porridge after this.
And the result is …

Bigeye “Can’t say I retired Daytona and Sapphira after this.”

Bigeye lottery

Isn’t he too pious?

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