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MLS announces new playoff berth format after postponing the game

MLS announces new playoff berth format after postponing the game

Major League Soccer announced that it has canceled six games postponed on Thursday Outbreak of COVID-19 We also award playoff berths based on points per game rather than regular season records.

The main beneficiary of the change could be the Colorado Rapids. Colorado Rapids has the second lowest total points at the Western Conference, but is in a position to earn playoff berths based on points per game. The coronavirus left Rapids idle for over a month, infecting 13 staff, including 5 players and coach Robin Fraser.

MLS used a similar per-game point formula to determine the final regular season rankings for 2001 after the game was canceled after the attack on September 11. The team played less than 27 regular season games that season. This was the shortest regular season in the league until this year, when COVID-19 limited the schedule to 23 games.

MLS will not change the dates for the five games postponed in Colorado, including the match between Galaxy and LAFC. As a result, Rapids will play only 18 regular season games, five less than some of the conference’s rivals. Only four of the 12 Western Conference teams play the full 23-match schedule.

All 14 teams at the Eastern Conference will play on a full schedule.

With the change LAFC,had Already qualified In the postseason, we dropped to 5th place, which could cost us a home game in the first round.The· Galaxy The standings remain at the end and there is a considerable gap to make up for Colorado, the harbor of the final playoffs.

If Rapids scored three points from the last three games, the Galaxy must win all three remaining games to pass Colorado.