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Watch Watch Dogs Legion glitches fill London with flying cars, cyborgs, and ghosts

Watch Watch Dogs Legion glitches fill London with flying cars, cyborgs, and ghosts

London is a strange place. As a Scottish man, I have always found that traveling to the huge, chaotic expanse of Britain was a perplexing event. A suitable broke ferry himself from one Pret a Manger to another packed anchovy-screaming metal can.Thank you Watch Dogs LegionCondensed capital is a strange place as well-and it probably couldn’t have been just the weirdness of the launch week, right?

The PC version of Legion is the same and may not have been released Bug breaking games found on Xbox, But that doesn’t stop Ubisoft’s latest open world from breaking a bit.TheĀ· Watch dogs reddit It has been interrupted by some rather bizarre events, such as this player’s slow escape to the stratosphere.

As the game procedurally generates random human resistance movements, it’s not surprising that there are some weird balls in the mix. But I don’t know why this funny young businessman was blessed with the vocal cords of these robots. I’m usually not the one to make fun of someone’s voice, but someone should bring the really poor Dalton back to the workshop here.

Encountering a cyborg on the streets of Westminster is one thing. Being adopted by your own doppelganger for the underground resistance movement is a completely different thing.

It seems that some people have a hard time riding a bike, getting caught in hidden geometry, or flying spontaneously in this game. Our next player, of course, can move without problems, but we have to admit that their operatives … have a strange driving style.

My operative is having a bad day. From r / watch_dogs

And if you’ve ever wondered why a tube is so dark, you’ll be surprised that it has nothing to do with a weakly lit tunnel. Rather, underground architects simply do not want to discover the large cavities that exist beneath the capital.

Finally, and for this season, some people are taking out ghosts in good old fights.

Apparently there are ghosts in the game From r / watch_dogs

More generally, subreddit is full of confused people who are accustomed to left-hand traffic due to change.It’s not something we can help you, I’m afraid (and frankly, given how often we are forced to drive right in the game, it shouldn’t) -But if you need proper advice, our Watch Dogs Legion Guide Hub..

Whether it’s broken or not, it’s just a shame All NPCs in Watch Dogs Legion are throwersAs far as Nate is concerned. Well, almost all of them.

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