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MMO Limited: Dave Yaus talks about his return to Mets

Dave Jaus returned from the stadium to the “Bubble” hotel room in Santo Domingo after managing another match in the Dominican Winter League. The first inning of 7 runs in one game remaining for his Escogid team was difficult to overcome.

Former bench coach of Mets, Jaus Jerry Manuel And Terry Collins I am accustomed to the COVID-19 protocol. Depart from the baseball stadium and shower and have a light meal within the room with all the essentials.

Over the last 60 seasons, he was hired by the Yankees Scouts after working as a bench coach for the Pittsburgh Pirates for three years.

Last week, after another Dominican league match, Jaus picked up his phone. Tim Neering The Yankees vice president of baseball management was on the other end.The conversation wasn’t about his role with the Yankees next season

“Tim said Mets asked for permission to bring me as part of the coaching staff,” Jaus explained.

I do not have any questions. Dave Yaus is back.Mets announced last week that Jaus was hired to serve as a club bench coach with his manager. Luis Rojas..

“Steve Cohen, Sandy Alderson, Jared Porter, and Luis Rojas For the opportunity to be part of what this organization can achieve in the next few years, “Jaus said. “I’m excited to be part of Lewis’ staff, in addition to helping him grow as a manager, just as Lewis’ father Felipe helped me throughout my career.”

Felipe Arrow It is also a connection. Former Major League outfielders, first basemen, and managers have known Jaus for a long time. He is also the father of Luis Rojas.

The relationship between Arrow and LOHAS dates back several years. Lohas was sitting on the bench when his father managed a spring training game at the old Montreal Expo. Dave Jaus also sat down with the young LOHAS and learned a lot from Arrow.

Photo courtesy of Ed Delany, MMO

“I know his dad better,” Jaus said. “I met Lewis when he was eight in West Palm Beach, Florida. Felipe is the second most influential person in my life after my father. He is a friend and mentor. He is my mentor. The godfather of my eldest son. “

The current Mets manager reportedly asked Jaus to join the coaching staff and succeed. Hensley Meulens..The Yankees were kind to Jaus when he wasn’t working after years of working on the bench with Pirates and his manager. Clint Hurdle..

Now Jaus is back in Citi Field again. He is enthusiastic and excited about the opportunity to work with Steve Cohen, Alderson and, of course, LOHAS.

Jaus is in contact with Lohas. They talked for 3 hours this week. A few days later, his conversation with Sandy Alderson went well. Alderson and Jaus return to their days as coaches in the Mets Education League.

“The biggest thing Loei and I talked about is that the baseball game is the same as it was 100 years ago. Whether you’re a young player or in the middle of your career, run, play together and join together. When, a common goal you have is the opportunity to become a special team, but it wasn’t that easy in the 60-game season. “

“On my side, it fits very well on their side,” he said.

And this is perfect. Dave Jaus said he loves the New York Mets and their fans.When he was a bench coach for three years, he never wanted to leave Jerry Manuel And Terry Collins..

“I was blessed to be with Manuel and Omaminaya 10 years ago,” he said. “Now that’s another situation in Mets.”

“I’m talking about an exciting baseball team, new ownership. Working with Sandy Alderson, a great leader I’m confident in, will lead us to one of the top baseball organizations. . ”

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Jaus also looks forward to his meeting with GM Jared Porter. They temporarily crossed the road, as most baseball people always do. There is a front office experience in Chicago and Boston, and the familiarity of success that Porter brings as an assistant to GM in Arizona.

“Respected,” Jaus said of Porter. “I’m looking forward to working with him.” He knows a third baseball coach Gary Disassina, Bullpen coach Ricky Bones And batting coach Chili Davis..He looks forward to working with a pitching coach Jeremy Hofner..

And there is the friendliness of the pitcher Steven Matz And Julis family.. While Matz was rehabilitating as a Mets prospect, the Double A Binghamton Familia was the organization’s first mission.

And Jaus is confident that Matz will bounce after the 2020 struggle and 9.68 ERA. Matz said he was special and respected the players and coaches.

“When I learned of Matz in 2011, this was a real solid man experiencing major physical problems and his work ethic. After that he had to continue in the big league. He is talented and I look forward to seeing him with confidence. ”

I asked Jaus about creating a roster of Mets. Jacob DeGrom It’s special, “he said. “Young team, veteran team, or mixed team.” You need to sprinkle veteran players. “

He did not go into the details of potential free agent signatures by name George Springer And Trevor Bauer.. However, Jaus is excited about the creation and future of this Mets roster.

Pete Alonso: “A man who loves his teammates and loves games. He is a great leader of the team.”

Dominic Smith: When he steps into the box, he jumps at me. When I was in the dugout on the other side, he said, “Oh my god, you should do the pitch.”

Brandon Nimmo: “I went to see Brandon in the Education League. A dynamite player on the field. He is one of these guys who have grown up at the development system and big league level.”

But let me tell you something else about Dave Jaus. He is the father of three, including his eldest son, a formerly employed head baseball coach at Limestone University. Gaylord Perry As their first coach. We often met at the clubhouse at the time, played seven trains from Citi Field, and then returned to Manhattan.

Then I came to know his philosophy as a coach. He knows baseball games better than anyone with 33 years of experience.

He said then, and now believes that the coach shares responsibility for being familiar with all aspects of baseball.

“They also have the opportunity to give players information and motivation in all areas of life because we are doing with our sons as coaches. As coaches, many of our players are of ours. I’m a son. “

And a few years later, 63-year-old Dave Jaus still hears from veterans and young players that he is a mentor like their father at clubhouses and dugouts.

Dave Jaus also loves Mets fans and looks forward to seeing him again in Citi Field. He understood their passion and had that experience in Chicago many years ago. His father was a scout and he used his pass to go to a Wrigley Field match.

He was sitting with other Cubs fans. He learned game watching from the bleachers. He is a fan and has learned what it is like to support his favorite team.

Cubs fans loved to criticize Leo Durocher As a manager because it’s part of baseball.

“That’s a fan of Citi Field,” Jaus said. “If you don’t play right, they will criticize you. They should, it’s a baseball game. That’s the beauty of baseball.”

Welcome to Dave Yaus.

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