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Mobile phone data theft: beware of fake SMS!

Mobile phone data theft: beware of fake SMS!

A Current Criminal Scam You Should Know About!

Consumer advocates are currently warning of a new massive “smishing” in mobile phones. It comes from “SMS” and “phishing”. Criminals send fake text messages from parcel services or banks. Its goal: to “touch” all the data of the owner of the cell phone.

An example of a fake message from an unknown sender. Don’t click the link.Photo: Private

Wrong: If you click on the link, all cell phone contacts will also receive the fraudulent SMS (pyramid scheme).

Oliver Buttler (44) from the consumer advice center in Baden-Württemberg: “Sometimes it is said that the SMS come from DHL or Amazon, at the moment it is mainly the Volksbanks that are affected.”

Seven important tips:

► Never open link.

► Delete SMS immediately.

► Never enter data (such as account number).

► Check device with antivirus protection.

► Only use shipment tracking on the parcel service side.

► Do not call back.

► Check with customer service if the SMS is genuine.

Was the link clicked?

► Phone immediately in “airplane mode” (stops data flow).

► Get evidence (such as screenshots) and report it to the police.

► Reboot the phone in safe mode and uninstall the malicious app if possible.

► In the worst case, reset the device to the delivery state.

► Inform the mobile network provider.

Are you also aware of the current nasty scams? Email to [email protected]