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Monster Hunter World will have a board game that looks amazing

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Monster Hunter’s popularity has grown dramatically in recent years, especially with the release of Monster Hunter World. Capcom’s title continues to enjoy commercial success, so fans are looking for new ways to enjoy it.

If you are a fan of the franchise, you should know that Monster Hunter World will be adapted and will feature a board game. The project is in charge of Steamforged Games, a company that has launched attractive board games based on other franchises.

As in previous occasions, Steamforged Games needs the support of the community to make its new project a reality. That is why it will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to launch the title in collaboration with Capcom.

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This is the incredible board game Monster Hunter World

Steamforged Games has assured that they are working to keep the Monster Hunter World community happy with their new board game, which will bear the same name as the popular title for consoles and PC.

For now, we know that the project’s Kickstarter campaign will begin this year. The company has already given an overview of the different packages they are preparing and what some of the creature and hunter figures that the 4-person game will include will look like.

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game will be sold in 3 different packages that will give access to the base experience and various extras. Each pack will include a different number of creatures, hunters, and cards. The standard game will be offered for $ 70 USD.

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All packs will come with a rule book, a quest book, a board, and some additional accessories. Here are some images that show the content of the game with their respective prices:

This is what the Monster Hunter World board game looks like

Steamforged Games hasn’t revealed many details about the game’s mechanics, but we do know that players will explore various regions of the Monster Hunter World world to collect resources and search for the franchise’s dangerous monsters.

“In the coming weeks we will reveal more details and provide information on the gameplay, content and incredible minis monsters that will bring Monster Hunter World to life on your table (one of which is over 12 inches tall!),” He stated l’├ętude.

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Monster Hunter: World is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Find all the news related to the title at this link.

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