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Vigilantes attacked street dwellers in Santander

Vigilantes attacked street dwellers in Santander

In the fact, which has outraged the users of social networks, you can clearly see the attack in which two street dwellers were beaten when they were on a platform.

The images that were taken in the municipality of Piedecuesta, Santander, they show one of the victims lying on the ground as the guards beat them.

The other attacked, according to Blu Radio, He was not in the box, but the station stressed that he was also beaten.

The images are disturbing. Shovels come and go, just like kicks. The victim could only try to cover himself, but without much success.

The vigilante assailants were captured

The Police, cited for the frequency, indicated that in the face of the aggression the quadrants arrived and they arrested two guards of the group of aggressors.

The institution detailed that these individuals are informal guards who do not have any type of audit on their actions.

In addition, from the Police they detailed that one of the injured was “A person of foreign nationality”.

After the brutal attack, the street dwellers they recover from their injuries in a medical center.

Video of the assault on street dwellers