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Montpellier: the collections of the Federico Fellini media library are incorporated into the central Émile Zola media library

The Federico Fellini central media library closes on May 17. (© CN)

Starting Monday, May 17, the Federico Fellini media library permanently closes its doors to the public. Your collections will definitely join the ofEmile zola to finally meet in a single site the central media library of the network Mediterranean metropolis of Montpellier.

Completion of the restructuring of the Émile Zola media library

The central media library of the public reading network of Mediterranean metropolis of Montpellier now spreads over two sites in the city center of Montpellier: the Émile Zola media library, the main site, and the Federico Fellini media library, an annex site specialized in the field of cinema, comics and video games.

The latter with a stock of 14,000 DVDs and Blu-ray, including 10,000 movies that could be accessed in some thirty individual booths, more than 6,000 books on cinema and 2,000 movie soundtracks, 7,000 comics and a room with 11 PS4 , 1 Xbox One, 4 PS3, 1 Switch, 6 gaming stations for PC Gaming and a space dedicated to virtual reality.

Since the decision was made in 2017, restructuring work has been carried out to unite these two entities. Launched in July 2019, this mission was entrusted to the architecture studio Traverses, while Paul Chemetov, architect and designer of the original building, provided his advice. A global project of € 6.2 M (€ 4.2 M Montpellier Metropolis; € 2 M from the State).

Émile Zola reopens on June 30

As of May 17, the Federico Fellini collections will be transferred to Émile Zola. The latter will be closed to the public, from Saturday, May 29 at night until Tuesday, June 29, inclusive, to complete the remodeling.

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All the functions of the Federico Fellini media library will thus be available to the public, as of June 30, in Émile Zola. The spectacular transformation of the building will also offer users new spaces and new services that are increasingly innovative, efficient and welcoming.