Google has already released Android 13 for its Pixel smartphones. Samsung, on the other hand, is still testing the latest Galaxy models and the One UI 5.0 interface. But now Samsung is doing the same, because the predecessors will also be supplied with it from now on.

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Android 13 for Samsung Galaxy S21 is here

Samsung started a few weeks ago Distribute Android 13 for Galaxy S22 smartphones. Those who already want the new software can take part in the beta program and can already get the latest version of Android there. It has been rumored before that the Galaxy S21 smartphones will soon follow. And that is exactly what has now been confirmed. That Android 13 beta program for Galaxy S21 smartphones has officially started (Font: SamMobile).

In South Korea and Great Britain, early adopters can now install Android 13 on their Galaxy S21 smartphones. Germany usually follows very quickly. You will probably be able to install Android 13 on your Galaxy S21 in the next few days if you want to participate in the testing phase. This confirms the assumption that Samsung not only wants to quickly distribute Android 13 updates for the latest Galaxy smartphones, but also for many other models.

What you can expect with Android 13:

When will the final version of Android 13 be released?

Samsung’s Android 13 beta test has been running for a month. It usually takes a few weeks for Samsung to deliver the final version. So we’re assuming end of September at the earliest. But it will probably be in October. After the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 are many other Samsung devices will receive an update to Android 13. Samsung now promises four new versions of Android for the newest models, so smartphones will receive software updates for a long time. We’ll let you know when the final version comes out.

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