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Mortal Kombat 11 may contain narration from the 1995 movie cast

Mortal Kombat 11 may contain narration from the 1995 movie cast

On Tuesday, a data miner leaked a file that sounds like a 1995 movie actor, Mortal Kombat, Allegedly supplied from an existing interior Mortal Kombat 11 Game code. Mortal Kombat publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment filed a copyright infringement claim against the video shortly after the sound file leaked online and the video went offline.

Polygon asked Warner Bros. and developer NetherRealm Studios for comment.

First reported by Game revolution, The video contains audio from Christopher Lambert (Leiden), Linden Ashby (Johnny Cage), Bridgette Wilson Sampras (Sony Yablade) and retaliates for their role. archive Of the files, they are available online so you can listen to them yourself.

Edboon, co-founder and creative director of NetherRealm, has dropped clues about new content on Twitter and has stopped doing something strange. MK11.. They seem to be related to classic horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street And Halloween..

Alternatively, they can be really bad clues. It’s hard to say.

If true, this isn’t the first time the Warner Bros. and Nether Real teams have returned to franchise history and embraced a familiar voice. Recently, Cary-Horoyuki Tagawa Reassess his role as a shunting Mortal Kombat 11.. The first time he played the character since the live-action web series Mortal Kombat Legacy, Released.