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Motorist Explains What To Watch Out For When Driving A Car In Changing Weather Conditions – Practically


Spring in the Baltic countries is characterized by frequent changes in climatic conditions, with flashes of heat alternating during the day with winter temperatures at night. The large temperature differences are a test for motorists, who have to adapt to the combination of both hot and cold seasons, and be prepared for all surprises on the road.

Jānis Vanks, director of Safe Driving School (DBS) and road champion, urges motorists to follow the weather forecasts more closely this year and be prepared to drive in changing conditions.

“Watching yourself behind the wheel and refusing to be distracted is a good start in itself. The most important thing when driving is not to forget to drive. In spring, being careful and choosing the right speed is one of the main things, especially in a wooded area where forest animals can flee along the way, and dry asphalt in the shade of trees can suddenly become icy, “warns a safe driving expert.

According to J. Vanka, another characteristic of spring is the defects and potholes in the pavement of the roads, which are especially dangerous when cornering. When cornering, the driver marks a certain path, but entering the pits can change it unexpectedly and cause a dangerous slip in the case of a simple vehicle.

“My advice is to choose a safe speed; being alert is doubly important. Of course, situations are very different and the optimal course of action can vary from one to another, but there is a universal rule that driving should be the right thing to do car . “

“There are manufacturers like Jaguar, all models of which are designed for driving enthusiasts, people who want and can enjoy the driving process. But even behind the wheel of this car it is important not to forget, even if you choose a car with good handling and responsiveness, the steering wheel is up to you, “says Mr. Vanks.

The director of DBS notes that modern models have made life much easier for motorists by offering a wide range of electronic systems that help keep them on the road. In more expensive cars, the driver also has several specific driving modes that are tailored to the engine, transmission, brakes and steering.

Modern cars have the ability to process large amounts of data. The stability system takes into account the steering angle, the speed of each wheel, the distribution of torque and many other parameters, so it can predict and react in advance, sometimes without the driver realizing the risk.

It works, for example, with the improved Jaguar F-Pace’s intelligent driving dynamics system, which can distribute torque between the wheels in time and help control the car before it starts to skid.

Its algorithm, which uses sensor signals, detects the pressure and direction of the accelerator pedal, and constantly compares it with data from the engine, transmission and stability system to analyze the potential for slip. In this way, the system determines the torque required for each wheel and the car does not lose traction.

“The parts of the road that are illuminated by the sun and the parts in the shade differ in traction, such as from day to night. The torque redistribution systems provide great support in these conditions, and get each wheel to have the right torque. optimal is simply an invaluable help. ” J. Vanks.

Does the all-wheel drive system offer more safety? An experienced athlete wants to change this question a little differently: who will use it and how? In particularly difficult driving conditions, the answer is very simple, but in 99 percent of cases, when driving on asphalt, more attention must be paid to good tires and careful driving.

At the same time, according to J. Vanka, all-wheel drive systems combined with electronic assistants clearly offer a wider safety “net”.

“The possibility of using all-wheel drive, which makes the car more stable on the road, is definitely an advantage. The combination of mechanically supported systems with electronic support ensures a more precise behavior of the car in an even wider range of conditions. off the road “, emphasizes the expert.

Another important aspect is the behavior of the suspension on the road. Engineering in this field has reached a level where control systems are capable of analyzing wheel and body movement, linking this data to other automotive systems and ensuring the optimal combination of their operation.

“All the electronic systems that help the car to stay on a slippery road without slipping, slipping, slipping or locking the wheels are a great support for the driver’s main safety system. It is important that the driver’s computer works as fast as the And it is important to “When a wet area is seen on an apparently dry or icy road, the driver takes appropriate action and helps the car’s systems do their job faster and more efficiently, while maintaining control “sums up the director of DBS.

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