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the new Edge browser could grant access to Google Stadia

Consoles are real computers these days, especially now that they run on virtually the same hardware that makes up desktop computers. Unsurprisingly, some software that you would normally associate with PCs is present on consoles as well. Among them, we find the version based on Chrome of browser Microsoft Web Edge which is now being tested on Xbox.

The presence of a web browser on Xbox isn’t exactly new. After all, the previous version of Edge, now called Edge Legacy, used the edgeHTML engine internal Microsoft. While it actually functioned as a web browser, it was not exactly compatible with many sites using modern web technologies.

Xbox, there are still doubts about the availability of Stadia

The new Microsoft Edge for Xbox would bring a more modern web browsing experience to the console. According to The Verge’s report, it appears to be compatible with everything available in Edge on Windows, including the Data synchronization, the extensions and the new vertical tabs.

More interesting is the compatibility with dozens of web applications that already run on Chromium-based web browsers. Go further Discord me Skype, it could mean that Microsoft Edge could support running the game streaming service from Google Stadia on Xbox. The service can be run through a web browser, just like it does in ios and other platforms.

Whether Google or Microsoft will allow this to happen is another matter. At the moment Edge on Xbox is still in alpha and doesn’t have full keyboard and mouse support yet. It will be interesting to see how the company approaches the new updates and if Xbox users will finally be able to use the Google Stadia service.