Lenovo is known for its willingness to experiment. Like Samsung, the Chinese company developed foldable devices very early on and even used the screens in laptops. But that was just the beginning, because now flip-out screens for smartphones and laptops are coming.


Lenovo bets on rollable screens for smartphones and laptops

Lenovo introduced some exciting new things at Tech World 2022. These include drop-down displays for smartphones and laptops. The Chinese company has shown two prototypes in action. These include a Motorola cell phone, which is very compact when retracted and can therefore be carried in a trouser pocket without any problem. If you need a larger screen, you can pull it out with the push of a button. The content grows automatically. This is impressively demonstrated in the following video:

Lenovo demonstrates Motorola’s first cell phone with a flip-out screen

If you want to put the Motorola cell phone back in your pocket, all you have to do is press a button on the side twice and the screen closes again. Lenovo is only showing the phone from the front, so what it looks like from the back is not yet known. But when Luca Rossi takes the smartphone out of the inside pocket of his suit, part of the screen can be seen on the back. Part of the screen is moved to the back and can probably serve additional purposes there.

Samsung is working with Intel on similar technologies. Xiaomi should also be interested in this. After foldable cell phones, unfoldable mobile phones and tablets will be the future. Many companies agree on that.

Will Motorola’s phone concept come true?

That cannot be said at this time. In the past, Lenovo often showed off prototypes and concepts that were actually built a few years later. Including the folding laptop with continuous screen. The video above also shows a classic laptop, which can extend its screen upwards, thus increasing your productivity. Since Lenovo puts so much money and development work into it, surely there should be products you can buy at some point. At the moment we still have to discourage you with the concepts of the video.