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Siluet karyawan yang menggunakan masker di depan logo Apple Inc. yang ditutup sementara karena corona virus di Ginza Tokyo, Jepang, Minggu (15/3/2020). Bloomberg -  Toru Hanai

Move to Apple’s iOS strategy to ‘hijack’ Android users, JAKARTA – Multinational technology company Apple is increasingly showing its ambition through the Move to iOS app to make it easier for Android users to migrate using the operating system from the iPhone phone.

Quoted via MacRumors, the app that has been around since 2015 here previously aims to make it easier for Android users to switch to iPhone, where the presence of iOS 15 is also believed to make Move to iOS capabilities more comprehensive. .

This application can move some content, such as contacts, message history, photos, videos, web bookmarks, email accounts, calendars, and wallpapers.

In addition, in the future, the Move to OS application will also be able to move all photos, albums, files and folders to accessibility settings from Android devices to iPhone. Android users don’t have to bother doing too many reboots when switching to iOS

Apple also makes Move to iOS easier by implementing a QR code that Android users can scan to be directed to the app’s download page on the Play Store.

The increased capacity of Move to iOS can be used with iPhones running the iOS 15 operating system. In other words, Android users will only be able to take advantage of it when the Apple operating system is released between September and November 2021.

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