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MSI MEG Prospect 700R: Großer Tower wirbt mit Touchscreen-Steuerung

MSI MEG Prospect 700R: Large Tower Announces Touchscreen Control

Image: MSI

MSI builds a large tower case with a volume of around 80 liters. The angular design is less conspicuous than a touchscreen on the front for fan and light control. Status information or just the weather is also displayed here.

The central styling feature of the MEG Prospect 700R is the triangular shapes. Should “emulate a great temperament“ – MSI describes the new tower like the older cases, like the Vampire 010, in extremely flowery words. A 4.3″ IPS screen on the front is also framed in a triangular frame. Here the LEDs and speed of up to six fans and lamps can be controlled or synchronized and the weather, time or temperatures can be displayed. , it can also be displayed if desired.

The unusual idea is combined with a conventional design that nevertheless offers a lot of space. Size limitations for power supply, processor cooler, and graphics card are only theoretical. GPUs can also be mounted vertically up to three slots wide, but require an additional riser cable that is not included with the tower. With the MEG Prospect 700R, the hard drives end up in a cage on the floor and two 2.5″ brackets behind the motherboard. There are also cable ducts there, which are meant to help with clean cable routing. .

The space in front of the motherboard can be occupied by three different screens. A “cable cover” hides the cables, another bracket allows the installation of three 120mm fans that exhaust air from the right side panel, a third panel allows the use of an E-ATX motherboard. In addition, a distribution board can be mounted there if water cooling is used. EK Water Blocks makes a suitable product.

MSI MEG Prospect 700R (Image: MSI)

MSI uses four 140mm illuminated fans for ventilation. Three more fans can be installed on the lid, the same number fits on the right side. However, the radiators can only be used for 120mm fans up to a 360mm format, in the next larger frame width only 280mm heat exchangers will fit in the lid and front.

Pricing and availability are still unknown. As it is a flagship case with unusual features, the MEG Prospect 700R can be expected in the region between 200 and 250 euros.