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MSI stuck – more boost due to intentionally built-in circuit bug? | retro


Even 10 years ago there were technical outliers and critical “workaround approaches”, not just from today. At that time I caught MSI and as a result the manufacturer got a slam on the lid (“NVIDIA Rules”) and the customer got a flawless product. Yes, some of the affected MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Editions at the time died after a long period of use, but not the ones built AFTER my article. Even then, it was important to take a second look at a test object. And with that, I let you go to my previous article and yes, that was really tricky and a good lesson in how it all ends up in the end. ūüôā

Original article

The reason for today’s test was our summary of the GTX 660 T, the subsequent reactions of our readers and the comments of the manufacturers involved. Specifically, the above-average clock boost of the MSI GTX 660 Ti Power Edition caused a stir in this test and the fact that such high clock rates could hold up even under load when all other (sometimes very clocked cards) higher) they already had to. hit the candles.

Miracle of technology or just some trick? Such a big difference can hardly arise on its own, which is why there have been rumors for some time that one or the other could not go well. But we didn’t want to make it so easy for ourselves and we got to the bottom of things. Precisely for this reason, we also want to make an important preliminary remark, in order, on the one hand, to curb possible emotions beforehand and, on the other hand, not to drift in the direction of the boulevard.

The cards we tested worked without further problems on the test system with a few exceptions, which we’ll discuss in more detail in the article. They mastered all stress tests and continuous load runs and did not cause graphical errors or other glitches. However, due to the bug pattern that was found and confirmed by various independent parties, we feel it is absolutely important not to cover this information, but to publish it. We have informed MSI as the affected manufacturer, provided the necessary information, and await a statement before publishing this article today.

We deliberately put the conclusion, consequences and evaluation at the end of this article or draw an explanatory intermediate conclusion at the relevant points, because what we discover at the end really needs to be explained a bit more deeply without falling into technical jargon. .

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