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“My Idea Was Stolen” … Shocking Lawsuit Against “Apple Founder”


The case is archived college professor His name is Ralph Riley, he says that he and Wozniak previously agreed to launch a technical school, and concluded the deal with a video handshake, and that was done in 2011. The project was aimed at Technology education for adultsIt is based primarily on the name and reputation of Wozniak, who was instrumental in founding Apple with the late Steve Jobs.

But this association did not see the light, says Riley, who affirms in his case the documents presented in Court what Wozniak He only launched a project based on the same idea in 2017 called Woz U in association with an educational company called Coder Camps.

Ralph says that when he heard the news, it was sent Email He asks Wozniak to be part of the project, considering that he “inspired” the idea to Wozniak in the first place, and adds that Wozniak responded by saying, “You’re right, you had an excellent idea … I doubt this project would have come to fruition. the light without your idea. the basics. “

Ralph responded to Wozniak and asked to have a stake in the educational venture, but the latter did not respond after that, and this led to Ralph raising money. lawsuit For this reason, he accuses him of taking over his idea and demands a compensation of one million dollars.

Ralph filed another case in which he accused Wozniak of violating the agreement between them, but the judge immediately dismissed it, according to “Business Insider” reports.

The evidence Ralph presented to the court was a set of electronic correspondence between himself and Wozniak, and a photograph of them shaking hands, and Ralph says it was a handshake that concluded the agreement between them, and also presented the court with a contract. signed by Wozniak, and Wozniak says he doesn’t mention that he signed any roles with Ralph.

According to sources, Ralph launched a similar project in Wozniak’s name in 2013, at which time Wozniak’s commercial director contacted him and asked him to stop the project and not contact Wozniak afterwards, and Ralph confirms that the school that Wozniak launched in 2017 is based on the same project that you launched in 2013. This is the basis of your case.

Wozniak’s team responded to Ralph’s claim that Wozniak and Ralph hadn’t reached any real agreement, and that the handshake image was a normal image of a handshake that Wozniak would do with any of his fans, and that Wozniak generally did not make any deals alone. not at all, but instead started the discussion, leaving the rest of the negotiations, signing contracts for his team, and that was also what was done to establish his school with Coder Camps.

Wozniak also stated that he does not deal financially with anyone directly at all, and he walks away from it, and that he does not even know the total money in his bank account now, and does not even look at how much he owns, and that his lifestyle is different from that of many people.

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