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Paradox Interactive Announces Victory 3 - News

Paradox Interactive Announces Victory 3 – News

Centered as its name indicates in the Victorian era and its multiple technological transformations (railways, telegraphs, steamboats, birth of aviation) but also social (emancipation, campaigns for women’s rights), Win 3 It is presented as a social simulation between 1836 and 1936 in which it will be necessary to take into account the needs and preferences of the different classes of the population, taking care not to provoke riots.

Meeting the needs of all despite cultural, economic and ideological differences may be possible thanks to the scientific and social progress of the industrial age, as well as a good understanding of the economic system based on import, export and taxes. In a game like this, where politics is at the center of everything, diplomacy also plays an important role in maintaining harmonious relations with neighboring countries, or even within the government itself, knowing that one will have a choice between dozens of nations.

Win 3, whose development began in 2018, is led by Martin Anward, formerly Director of Stellaris and project manager at Europe Unversalis 4. The game will be available on an as yet unknown date on Steam, as well as on the Xbox Game Pass subscription for PC.

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