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Nagui stops one of the games he encourages, the return of "La Carte aux Trésors" and "En apparté" and the end of "Sections de recherche"

Nagui stops one of the games he encourages, the return of “La Carte aux Trésors” and “En apparté” and the end of “Sections de recherche”

Nagui stops one of the games he organizes in France 2.

Nagui stops “Everybody Wants to Take Their Place,” a game broadcast just before the 1:00 pm newscast. He will no longer present it at the beginning of the school year, after 15 years cheering him on. “A wish for change,” he told on Wednesday morning. Another reason, a fundamental disagreement with the game’s co-producer, Simone Harari. A game that will stay in the air. Two names cheer him up again, those of Laurence Boccolini and Cyril Féraud.

Nagui, who also announces the arrival of a new game to France 2.

“The club of the invincibles.” The idea is this: that the champions of televised games face personalities on the field of their choice. It will air in the first part of the night, in June.

Another game that returns is La Carte aux Trésors, this Wednesday night, on France 3.

It is directed by Cyril Féraud, who is also its artistic director. A return, without many changes. We will see two more candidates trying to solve puzzles to get to the Treasury. There are no new rules, but new instructions linked to the health crisis. This Wednesday night, towards the Basque Country and Bearn. Majestic landscapes filmed in particular with helicopters (it is with these devices that the candidates move from one event to another). Absolutely not eco-friendly but so iconic of the show that Cyril Féraud can’t imagine doing without. Cyril Féraud, presenter of “La Carte au …

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