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Naoki Yoshida of FINAL FANTASY 14 looks back on MMO's career, inspiration, and hope for the future

Naoki Yoshida of FINAL FANTASY 14 looks back on MMO’s career, inspiration, and hope for the future

Interviews with Naoki Yoshida are always interesting, but sitting with FF14 director of Archipel is especially moving.

FINAL FANTASY 14Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer of, is a beloved person in the game community. The relationship between Yoshida, whom most people affectionately call Yoshi-P, and MMO’s fan base is very personal, even at that scale, and from Achipel to him. The new interview explores more than just the experience at Square Enix.

FINAL FANTASY 14 is 10 years old since the game was first released.Seven years have passed since Yoshida was renewed, and FINAL FANTASY 14 is This week’s patch And more plans for the future. I often hear that Yoshida and his team worked on the renewal of A Realm Reborn, but I rarely have the opportunity to explore Yoshida’s own life.

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IslandsKnown for interviewing creative voices in the Japanese game scene, he spoke with Yoshida for his inspiring personal anecdotes, his passion for the MMORPG genre, and his deep emotions from the community.

Yoshida’s passion and admiration for the team and players may shed a little tears. Undoubtedly, he is a person who has a deep interest not only in games, but also in the people who play and make games.

Perhaps one of the more moving moments is when Yoshida was encouraged to talk about the community. He looks back on his time at Ultima Online and points out that he once attended the game’s summer festival 20 years ago. FINAL FANTASY 14 players created their own summer festival in the residential ward during the COVID-19 crisis. This is because almost everyone is trapped in the house. Then emotions struck him.

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The 30-minute sit-in with Yoshida from Archipel is certainly heartwarming. Join Noclip’s amazing documentary series on a journey to the realization of FINAL FANTASY 14’s base game, A Realm Reborn. Despite his interest in investing heavily in things like MMORPGs, Yoshida is still a great person, game director and producer, and interviews with him are always hospitality.

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