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NASA Warns of ‘Stadium-Size’ Asteroid Near Earth | Asteroid | Space | NASA | Science | Science News | Malayalam Tech News


Scientists say a stadium-sized asteroid called 2020XU6 will orbit closer to Earth this week. The asteroid is currently traveling at a speed of 8.4 kilometers per second. If such an asteroid hits Earth, the result will be catastrophic, but NASA says there is nothing to fear.

The United States space agency, which regularly monitors Earth-threatening asteroids, has released a new report. Several giant space objects are reported to be closing in on Earth this week.

A group of large space objects is approaching Earth. NASA reports that the largest of these asteroids is 213 meters (about 700 feet) in diameter. The stadium-sized asteroid 2020X6U6, traveling through space at a speed of 8.4 kilometers per second, is expected to pass close to Earth on Monday.

It will be followed by other space objects, the 2020 BV9 (23 m in diameter), at a distance of 5.6 million kilometers. The second will pass 2021 CC5 (40 m in diameter) at a distance of about 6.9 million kilometers from Earth. But all of this is only one in fifty thousand that may endanger the earth in some way.

English summary: ‘stadium-size’ asteroid to approach Earth, NASA warns

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