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Nebraska 17 Minnesota 24: Summary and Afternoon Game Thread


The Huskers don’t seem to have the Panther William Puzistop. Not only does the Huskers replace the Panther, he is also the owner of the Connor Calpe-hopefully it doesn’t cause any problems. Tyler Crawford is expected to handle punting missions today.

33 players have been presented by Minnesota. They are down to two qualified tight ends and four defensive tackles without two of their first aggressive linemen. Are there some openings to #RunTheDamnBall?

Excellent running back Mohammed Ibrahim and quarterback Tanner Morgan are available for Gophers.

Brendan Heimess is making the 40th start (attack line) of his school record on Senior Day. What a wonderful thing for him!

The Huskers beat Toss and chose to receive. They move towards a strong north wind.

First quarter

The Huskers came out in two tight end sets, but Adrian threw a swing pass at Wandale instead of running the ball. This is a fumble, recovered by Wandale and lost 9 yards. It was reviewed and endorsed. The second and 19th plays ran up the middle, went nowhere, followed by another (sigh) swing pass. 4th and 16th. Punt.

Marquel Dismuke filled the returner at the perfect time after catching.

Due to a black shirt (Cam Taylor-Britt) penalty, Gophers passed the midfield. Mo Ibrahim has been bottled by defensive lines so far. On the 3rd and 10th, Morgan was struck when thrown and the ball was fluttering and incomplete.

The punt went down inside the 5 yard line. Adrian Martinez surrounded Highsnap and Dedrick Mills found a bit of sunlight. Martinez ran in 3rd and 3rd, so the Huskers were 20. Luke Caffrey joined the game while Martinez was being seen on the sideline (left hand) and immediately defeated one receiver (incomplete) and another (interception).

Hasker Defense forced the fourth and one on the 25-yard line. Minnesota has become a wildcat … Ibrahim’s touchdown that slips and hits a sideline fence and looks flimsy.

The extra point hit the upright, but it was good.

Minnesota 7 Nebraska 0

Now that we have them where we want …

The Gophers probably have a bad land defense, but the Nebraska attack seems determined to help them by making them worse. To be fair, Wan’dale was held without a call on the third downpass. That’s why the Martinez path is so far off target. However, the Huskers should not be in the third long position against the extremely short-handed Badland Defense.

The Gophers got a great field position with an 8-yard punt.

With Gopher Offense, everything works and you move quickly into the Red Zone.

Minnesota returned to Wildcat in 3rd and 1st place, but Caleb Tanner sniffed it to lose. The Gopher field goal was good.

Minnesota 10 Nebraska 0

When the Hasker attack comes back, all Nebraska fans are thinking …

The first quarter ends mercilessly.

Second quarter

Wandale opens a quarter with a bang (47 yards run-pushing his blocker out of his way)! Nebraska is in the Red Zone.

After 2 plays … Austin Allen Touchdown !!

Who was worried? worry? I wasn’t worried (yes, yes).

Minnesota 10 Nebraska 7

PJ Fleck had to burn two timeouts to prevent delays in game penalties. This will eliminate the timeout after burning a defensive timeout when the linebacker is widely split to cover Wandale (I wanted to see what that play would look like).

Nebraska is trying to use some tempo while Gopher is using as much play clock as possible. After the Chris Autumn Bell was left wide open, the black shirts showed a good pursuit to force the one-third down … so they soon re-introduced the Autumn Bell. I left it wide open.

I’m sure there’s a reason Nebraska is playing the zone instead of putting Taylor-Britt in Autumn-Bell, but it’s not smart enough to know what it is.

4th and 8th … incomplete. Hasker ball!

Jack Stall made his first down catch, followed by an 8-yard catch-it’s great to see a senior returning to the field on Senior Day! Adrian slightly defeated Wandale, who was covered in linebackers (which would have been a touchdown).

Derrick Mills breaks one inside the 10-yard line. First and goal. It’s great to see another senior starting to build his foothold.

Adrian Martinez touchdown!

Nebraska 14 Minnesota 10

Minnesota replied with Kamwiley 61 yards running in the Red Zone (13 yard line). Marquel Dismuke worked on SHOESTRING to save the touchdown.

Passcuts at the goal line (I think Deontai Wiliams) came in 3rd and 14th. The Cam Taylor-Britt hit, which appeared to be aimed at Tanner Morgan, was not called in the field, but was reviewed. They determined it was the target and # 5 was ejected. There is no way the CTB is a dirty player, but in principle it was a target. First get off Minnesota.

Touchdown gopher.

Minnesota 17 Nebraska 14

Allante Brown returned the kickoff to 24. Cade Warner made a Martinez run following a short catch (a dangerous floating pass when Martinez hits his pocket). The swing pass to Ramir Johnson went backwards, finishing 2nd and 14th with 37 seconds remaining. Martinez prefers his right arm to what Hascar fans want. Wyatt Rewer’s catch kept the clock running in the middle of the field, followed by the open Oliver Martin capsized. Fourth and tenth, the Huskers had to punt and gave Minnesota eight seconds. (They knelt down).

Half time

Third quarter

The Gophers started with a bad field position (once) with a bobble kickoff return (13 yards line). Quinton Newsome participates in the Cam Taylor-Britt game.

JoJo Domann was beaten on a vertical route, but arrived just in time to knock out the home run ball (whew) and left the Gophers on the side of the field. On the 4th and 2nd, Minnesota chose a punt. Oliver Martin waved for a fair catch.

The Nebraska attack occurred in Quick Strike mode, played by Wandale, Levifalk, and several others. In my eyes, Adrian is hurt, but collects all the ounces of his will. He deserves a huge prop Hasker fan. The drive stalled near the Red Zone and Calpe missed a field goal.

Minnesota 17 Nebraska 14

In subsequent Gopher Drives, the run game wasn’t very successful, but their slant pass continued steadily. I think they keep running the ball. Because … who cares as long as it keeps going?

Casey Rogers knocked down the third down slant pass.

Hasker’s attack responded with 3 outs.

Nebraska Secondary will continue to play the zone. It sometimes keeps falling apart.

Nick Henrich pulled down Morgan in a draw as the Gophers moved far beyond the midfield. The Blackshirts stopped playing the third and fourth times, causing the fourth and third. PJ Freck chose to choose it with Hasker 36. Ferdariu Spain knocked down the pass. Blakshirts block more shots than Nebrasketball.

So what does Hasker’s attack do? !! ?? Two simple imperfections and one fumble. Gophers has regained Martinez’s fumble on the Hasker side of the field.

Fourth quarter

I still don’t understand why Hasker Defense is playing the zone when Minnesota has only one viable receive option. Gopher was in the red zone and seemed to be touching down, but the call on the field was short. Instead of waiting for a review, Gophers snapped quickly. On the third and one goal, the play was judged to be short. Paidart was found in the 4th down play.

Minnesota 24 Nebraska 10

I generally like to have some live commentary on these summaries in order to tag players in these articles.

I’m done. Playcalls aren’t ideal and I don’t want to remember this dog Doo Mountain.

With nine minutes remaining, Minnesota has the ball and a 10-point lead.

Black shirt.

Hasker ball at 50.

Haha! They described Austin Allen as a speedy and athlete rather than a tall man.

4th down. Connor Calpe comes out for a 37-yard field goal. good.

OH WAIT and MINNESOTA were offside. First Down Nebraska.

Can other teams make mistakes?

Are the TV guys arguing whether it would be wise for Nebraska to accept the penalty and remove the points from the board? !! ?? Yes! Seize three chances in the end zone before kicking another field goal. Really everyone?

A hold call to Ethan Piper (ticky sticky call-okay, really bad call) disabled Martinez’s touchdown run. The Huskers settle on the field goal.

Minnesota 24 Nebraska 17

The game has less than 5 minutes left.

The game has less than 4 minutes left.

The game has less than 3 minutes left.

(Minnesota still has the ball)

Red zone.

The game has less than 2 minutes left.

First down by Ibrahim. Nebraska couldn’t stop the clock anymore, so he deliberately got off.

Minnesota wins.

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