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Nerf for BEA, BYRON, EDGAR, JESSIE coming tomorrow!

Nerf for BEA, BYRON, EDGAR, JESSIE coming tomorrow!

Nerf for BEA, BYRON, EDGAR, JESSIE coming tomorrow!

Tomorrow comes some brawler budget changes and also some game fixes but above all nerf for BEA, BYRON, EDGAR and JESSIE. Let’s find out together!


BYRON: Main attack decreased from 400 to 380, health decreased from 2500 to 2400, increased super charge by 5%


JESSIE: Main attack decreased from 1120 to 1060, increased super charge by 5%


BEA: decreased the maximum damage of PESTIFERE BEES from 800 to 600 (however the gdt will have a longer duration and will shoot 4 bees instead of 3)


EDGAR: decreased super charge by 17% – instead of 10 hits, you need 12


BO: The effect of the Super Totem slowly becomes weaker as more Supers have been reloaded by the player. The first Super charges at maximum speed, but the subsequent ones charge at 1% slower speed per second until the Totem reaches a 50% reduced charge rate This effect is monitored individually for each player.

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More FIX on Brawl Stars coming soon

  • Fixed an issue with player created map flagging that resulted in a ban on reporting certain maps:
  • Fixed some weird effects of Semino Super on Footbrawl;
  • Fixed an issue with the Crates on Survival getting knocked over by Semino’s Super;
  • Fixed Growl reactions incorrectly unlocking from reaction packs.
  • Added LOU and COLETTE reactions in reaction packs.

In case of any additions or changes to these changes, I will update this article itself! See you soon from your Sparx!

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