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Brawl Stars released in China on June 9th

New brawlers, gadgets, etc. will arrive at the broll star by May.

Screengrab via Supercell

Brawl Performer Fans can expect 2 new browsers, 8 skins, new and recreated environments, new challenges and gadgets over the next 2 months.

The schedule of major changes and new features in the game was revealed earlier this day by Supercell throughout May. Instead of focusing solely on cosmetics and fights, the meta of the game will also change significantly.

Relation: Underdog system will be added in the next Brawlster update

Gadgets form a new mechanic, a unique ability to use and adapt the strategies added to every brawler. It is a collectible item that can only be used a few times per game. This new feature will satisfy the most strategic players by turning the game meta around.

The first brawler added to the game is Jackie. She’s a tank, and she uses her hammer to damage the entire perimeter. Her supermarket prevents enemies from escaping by attracting them and doing more damage. She will be released in March.

The underdog system will be introduced in the next update as planned. In addition, eight skins will also participate in the March broll star.

  • Daryl rework
  • Mascot Daryl
  • College Emz
  • Dark bunny penny
  • PSG Shelly (Paris Saint-German), which can be earned by playing the PSG Cup in broll ball mode
Screengrab via Supercell

Jackie’s next brawl was also revealed, but its name remains unknown. From what the video shows, it’s basically a long range gentle robot that throws flowers at people. It will be released in April. Three other skins will be added next month: Coach Mike, Holsbo, and Raccoon Jessie.

Meanwhile, the date of the next update that introduces the underdog system has not been revealed yet.