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Nintendo is considering creating a portable switch-style GameCube, leak suggests

Nintendo is considering creating a portable switch-style GameCube, leak suggests

Prior to Nintendo’s release of the switch, the company originally planned to build a similar handheld based on the iconic GameCube console. The leaked internal document suggests. There is also Leaked presentation This suggests that Nintendo sought an idea to release a high-definition console that more directly competes with PS3 and Xbox 360. Euro gamer Note Documents appear to be from the same source “Giga Leak” in July.

The technical diagram outlines a portable console that can be connected to a TV through a dock with a GameCube controller port, a memory card slot, and a port for an SD card. However, it is unknown if the project has passed this early planning stage. GameCube has a small handle, Technically It’s more portable than the PlayStation 2 or Xbox, even if you had to use an external screen, controller, and power supply.

There are many homebrew attempts to create a portable GameCube console. The most stylish of these is at the beginning of the year Azuki Created a beautiful Gameboy color style handheld Can play both Wii and GameCube games. Or if you prefer the Gameboy Advance SP form factor over Gameboy Color, I have this project since last year.

With the details of the portable GameCube, Euro gamer Also refers to Leaked document That suggests Nintendo sought to create a more traditional console follow-up to GameCube, which was released in late 2005 and competed directly with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, It focused on games over low-priced, popular multimedia.

Of course, Nintendo never carried out these plans and instead released the Nintendo Wii in 2006. Wii provided a unique motion-based control scheme and hardware limited to standard definition graphics. Insanely successful, Ultimately sells over 100 million units, From both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

This was a very different console than what you see in this leaked presentation, but the Wii ATI (Currently part of AMD), the branding will be displayed in the proposal material.

From these leaks, it’s impossible to see how much of these plans have progressed, but it’s interesting how far back in the Nintendo switch’s interest in the hybrid form factor is. that is Another fascinating peak To the history of one of the game’s most secretive companies.