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Die Fritzbox 7583 von AVM

New Fritzbox updates now available

Image: AVM

During Easter, AVM released new software updates to version 7.31 for the Fritzbox 7583 and 7583 VDSL models.

Updates for Fritzbox 7583 and Fritzbox 7583 VDSL are available for download from AVM from April 13. About company side you can use the online update function directly to get the new version. The vendor promises increased stability and interoperability for Fritz OS 7.31. According to the AVM website, the update should also bring the following features:

  • Right of way in the home office: the prioritization of a computer for Internet access can be easily activated
  • Fritz Fon shows the weather forecast on the home screen
  • “Wake/Sleep” light sequence for Fritz Dect 500 and compatible Dect LED lamps
  • Excellent room climate with Fritz Dect 440 – keep an eye on the humidity
  • Fritz Smart Home now also supports compatible roller shutter controls
  • For the integrated Fritzbox fax machine: Journal of received and sent faxes
  • Numerous UI improvements for using the phone book, call forwarding, and call blocking

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Source: AVM