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Llegan los nuevos emojis inclusivos: Incluyen un hombre embarazado

New inclusive emojis arrive: They include a pregnant man

One of the most common ways of communicating today is using the emojis because with them you can exalt emotion, either positive or negative, and thus also make clear what for some people can be difficult with words. But emojis go further and now it shows us Emojipedia with the sum of the inclusive emojis.

Trans men of different races are shown pregnant, holding their belly with both arms while looking serene. That could be a reflection of our days where there is more and more openness to sexual and gender expressions.

Photo: Emojipedia.

When will inclusive emojis arrive?

So very soon we will be able to see these emojis among the already extensive list of options that are on our Android and iOS phones. The update will come from the hand of Unicode, which is the consortium that is in charge of proposing and regulating the emojis that we can see in all instant messaging services on our phones such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

This update was scheduled to arrive in 2020, but had to be delayed eventually. However, the approval of these inclusive emojis could be done in September 2021, so that eventually the updates will be effective on our devices throughout the next year.

In addition to the inclusive ones, which are the ones that cause the most stir on social networks, we can also see a rather suggestive little mouth that bites its lower lip, or a pair of hands making a heart, another face slightly covering its eyes as if amazed and one that seems to be melting.

The latter is one of the most anticipated among emoji users after Unicode made a vote to know the opinion of the users.

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