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New MMO for Kids, NEO 2045 Now Available in Open Beta

New MMO for Kids, NEO 2045 Now Available in Open Beta

VR Realms announced today that the new MMO NEO 2045 for kids It is now available in Open Beta for gamers around the world, with a full mobile and PC release expected in just a few months. A free online multiplayer multiplayer game (MMO) for kids, NEO 2045 present A vast galaxy filled with sci-fi action, intergalactic missions and adventures! subscribe Today for endless multiplayer action where you can build, explore, socialize and play!

“As we get closer to launch, we are excited to open NEO 2045 ai players before the full launch so that we can make sure we get our votes with our audience, ”said Robb Beeston, CEO and founder of VR Realms. “While we have created this game with children primarily in mind, we also want to make sure it is fun for players and older parents so that everyone can play together in a safe and fun environment that has something for everyone.”

NEO 2045 it is a sci-fi action MMO for all ages with a vast open world with different realms of players focusing on various aspects of the game to ensure a great time for everyone regardless of their play style. Looking for a fast-paced multiplayer gaming experience? There are many single and multiplayer minigames accessible through various arenas and locations, such as Lazer Tag Arena, Robot Stadium, Avatar Sports Stadium, Comedy Club, Nightclub, Astro Training Center, Water Park, and Arcade. Or, for a more social and community experience, you can interact with other players in one of five fun and safe social realms, including Forest Kingdom, Arctic Realm, Desert Realm, or Oceanic Realm. Or, if what you really want to do is build and create, head over to your own customizable Player Kingdom where you can terraform mountains and valleys and build structures and vehicles using dynamic components that connect seamlessly.

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NEO 2045 It will be regularly updated with new content, special events, and new story missions that tie into the lore of the game.

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