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Android: nuove app a pagamento in regalo questa domenica sul Play Store

new payment applications as a gift this Sunday in the Play Store

The world’s resources Android there are so many that it would be difficult for the more experienced analyst to list them. Users were able to find out any secret and especially all the functions of the well-known mobile platform that today occupies an elite place in the world of mobile telephony.

The nice one green robot in fact, it has become the most famous operating system in the world. This title is not only due to mobile phones but in general, since Microsoft And it is Windows have been officially surpassed thanks to the latest data reported on the Google. What drives people to use it more and more is contained in a very important peculiarity: the versatility. Those who learn to modify aspects of the Android interface will have a different smartphone whenever they want. the Play store then it lets you download the most interesting content, both for a fee and for free. During the last days the sales have arrived, with many applications and many paid games offered totally free.

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Android, in the list here you can find many free paid titles just for today

The normal list that you also find today below the Android world allows you to download paid titles for free.