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Ring Mailbox Sensor - a connected motion sensor to prevent mail loss

Ring Mailbox Sensor – a connected motion sensor to prevent mail loss

Ring, a subsidiary of e-merchant Amazon, introduced a connected motion sensor dedicated to mailboxes. Called Mailbox Sensor, it allows you to be alerted by a notification that an email has been deposited.

The Amazon Ring subsidiary continues to expand its portfolio of connected products with the US launch of the Mailbox Sensor. In the form of a box to install in the mailbox, it has a motion sensor that detects activities to indicate to the user through a notification that they have received mail.

According to the data sheet, the detection sensitivity of the Mailbox Sensor is adjustable, but it is not specified whether the rapid passage of a simple envelope in front of it is enough to trigger an alert. Based on the information we have collected, it is important to check your mail regularly so that the sensor does not lock up and continues to do its job.

Powered by batteries (three AAA), the mailbox sensor can be connected to an antenna (supplied) if the radio signal is weak up to the connection gateway, which is essential for connecting the sensor to the Internet. Baptized Smart lighting bridge, this bridge is not yet distributed in France.

For now, the Ring Mailbox Sensor is only available in black or white at around € 25 (without connecting gateway) in countries where the Smart Lighting Bridge is sold. Contacted by Digital, the brand has not yet specified if this sensor (or the bridge) will soon arrive in France. We will make sure to keep you informed.

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