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new standard for faster connections

new standard for faster connections

Optimized WiFi connectivity is a new certification that will guarantee a faster and more reliable connection between devices and access points. To do this, the way in which both devices communicate with each other is improved, either when connecting from scratch to a network, when changing access points in a mesh WiFi network, when connecting to another WiFi network, or when changing mobile connectivity Alabama Wifi. Specifically, the improvements are specified in three points.

WiFi Optimized Connectivity: more efficient network switching

The first is that the process of discovering and selecting networks has been streamlined. As a result, mobile devices and access points will make use of a better scanning technique to identify WiFi networks potentials available to connect. To do this, access points (such as a router or repeater) will provide additional information to customers to more accurately estimate the quality of the network to “prove” that it is the best available network and facilitate the mobile to connect to the network. the best available at all times.

This enables more reliable connection between multiple access points within the same mesh network, as well as when changing access points. It also allows it to be done within the same access point when changing frequency, where you can choose between 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or 6 GHz.

Faster connections to routers and repeaters

The second point is the use of authentication through Quick Initial Link Setup (FILS). With it, the devices work together to reduce overhead and allow faster verification when connecting to a network, taking less time to establish the connection.

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Finally, we have a new efficient signal transmission system, which ensures that less time will be spent responding to data management and administration information and more time will be spent moving user data, reducing latency and time. use of spectrum.

Optimized WiFi connectivity is part of the WiFi Vantage, and will have its certification program from network chip manufacturers such as Broadcom or Intel.