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New Thermaltake power supplies according to ATX 3.0: 2x 16-pin for 1,650 watt models

New Thermaltake power supplies according to ATX 3.0: 2x 16-pin for 1,650 watt models

of Andrew Link
Like many other vendors, Thermaltake has introduced new ATX 3.0 based power supplies. The large buzzers with 1650 watts even have two of the new 16-pin connectors, each of which can provide 600 watts. That may be extreme, but power supplies around 1000 watts will probably become more common.

Power supplies with more than 1000 watts of power were ridiculed in the past, but now they seem to be gaining relevance for the average user. Thermaltake has now announced its ATX 3.0 specified products. Sometimes they are also explicitly suitable for the next generation of graphics cards and in the case of iRGB Plus they are available with 1250 and 1650 watts. The high performance is also noticeable in the connection options: instead of just one of the new 16-pin connectors according to ATX 3.0, there are two.

According to the specification, a 16-pin connector can provide up to 600 watts and it is assumed that certain graphics cards of the Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000 will be released, which will have two 16-pin connectors. The Geforce RTX 4090 and certain OC models from the Ada/Lovelace generation should be candidates. Alternatively, you can use two 16-pin connectors to power up one of the SLI or Crossfire combos that are rare these days.

ATX 3.0 and ATX12VO 2.0: new standards for Geforce RTX 4000 and Radeon RX 7000

The need for a nearly 1,700-watt power supply can be dire; around 1,000 watts certainly have a chance of normality. The Core i9-13900K is said to have a 420-watt PL4. AMD had already promised that the power consumption of the graphics cards would increase, and the CPUs would not be left without anything, at least in maximum load scenarios. The Geforce RTX 3090 Kingpin EVGA already includes an adapter that groups five 6+2 connectors to two 16-pin connectors and that would not even be the maximum. According to the specification, a 6+2 connector provides 150 watts.

Thermaltake names an 80+ Titanium rating for the two iRGB Plus. A 140-millimeter fan is installed and, according to his own statements, only capacitors made in Japan. A hold time of 16 ms and ripple noise of less than 30 mV and a maximum voltage ripple of two percent are promised. A lot of data can also be read from the new Thermaltake power supplies. For this, real-time monitoring was integrated and a software was developed that reads and processes it.

In addition to the premium models, the Toughpower GF3 was also introduced and will be available between 750 watts and 1,650 watts. The flagship with 1,650 watts has a double 16-pin connector, the rest are compatible with ATX 3.0 connector. Cooling is done here with a 135 or 140 fan, depending on power level.