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New unofficial rendered images of Navi GPUs

New unofficial rendered images of Navi GPUs

of Oliver Jager
Twitter user “Wild_C” updated his rendered images for the upcoming RDNA 3 Navi GPUs 31 to 33 and adapted them to the latest speculation on technical data. However, it’s unclear if the GPUs will actually look like this, as these aren’t official illustrations.

Back in July, Twitter user “Wild_C” showed off rendered images for the Navi 31, 32, and 33 chips of AMD’s upcoming RDNA 3 GPU architecture and named possible die sizes. Angtronomics website corrected the data that had been rumored until then last weekend. Therefore, Navi 31 and 32 should be equipped with less Infinity Cache and the matrix areas of the MCD chips should also be smaller. However, the flagship GPU can still access the 384-bit memory connection.

New rendered images for the navigation chips.

Wild_C then went to work and created new rendered images for the navigation chips based on the newly obtained information. The new images now show a new design of the GPUs, namely the arrangement of the GCDs and MCDs in Navi 31 and 32, as well as the monolithic design of Navi 33, which is now angled. It should be noted that these images are not official and AMD does not have to adopt this design. Just because the die sizes are correct, the length and width of the chips can still vary.

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According to Angstronomics data, the size of the flagship Navi 31 is 533mm², divided into one 308mm² GCD and six 37.5mm² MCD. It is followed by Navi 32 with 350 mm² and the smaller chip Navi 31 with 203 mm². It seems that a bug has slipped into the Navi 33 rendered image, because it was supposed to use the PCI Express 5.0 x8 interface instead of x16. Posted to match rendered images also a list of eligible graphics card models based on AMD’s three next-generation RDNA 3 Navi chips.

Font: wild_c via Videocardz