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New update on WhatsApp: do you know what the next feature is in the chat box?

It has been reported that the WhatsApp chat box will soon have a color change feature and options for listening to voice messages.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, has been making several new updates to satisfy users. It has been reported that some changes are being made to give some new options. That means customers will have the option to change the colors in their WhatsApp chat box to their favorite color.

WABetaInfo, which pre-publishes WhatsApp updates and news, announced the new update in a post on its Twitter page. In addition, in addition to the characters written in the WhatsApp chatbox, they will be given the possibility to choose a dark green tone. WABetaInfo has announced that WhatsApp plans to release these new updates soon. However, these updates have not been officially confirmed on the WhatsApp side.

It has also been reported that there may be some additional updates. An investigation has found that an excess of voice messages are shared on WhatsApp. In it, they expressed the desire to be able to streamline and listen to the voice message sent by friends. Consequently, if friends have sent a voice message in the WhatsApp chat box, an update will also be provided requesting that it be sped up.

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That is, friends will pronounce certain words too slowly or their speaking speed will be slow. Then you will have to sit for a long time and listen to them. WhatsApp has to end that too. Acceleration request (fast forward) for the WhatsApp voice message you receive. This saves you time listening to your friends’ voice chat for a long time.

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The voicemail speed update is currently in beta and will be updated to Android and iOS soon. Recently, WhatsApp launched a video mute feature. Consequently, the video can be muted by those in the contacts or before uploading the video in the state.

Stay tuned for immediate news.