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The Voice: big ball of dough in the game that allows you to win € 150,000

The Voice: big ball of dough in the game that allows you to win € 150,000

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The game question asked before a commercial break on “The Voice” contained an error, this Saturday night, on TF1.

Earn € 150,000 answering a simple question. This is the promise made by TF1 before each of the many commercials for “The Voice”. The question relates to a sequence seen moments before in the show. Viewers have two response options and must participate by phone or SMS.

One of the questions asked this Saturday night was the following: “In which Daniel Balavoine Jaja and Julien title did they meet?” There were two possible answers: “The businessman’s blues” or “Tous les cis les SOS”.

The question that was put on the air contained an error.
Capture TF1

But Daniel Balavoine is not the interpreter of the title “The businessman’s blues”. The piece, composed by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon, was sung by Claude Dubois in the musical “Starmania” in which Daniel Balavoine participated.

Internet users quickly spotted the TF1 error.

One minute. . . Since when did Balavoine sing Le blues du businessman? #The voice

– Guillaume Guyot (@GuillaumeGuyot) April 3, 2021

#The voice the blues of the businessman, no one who says he is not daniel balavoine?

– Christophe (@ cristof71960407) April 3, 2021

the blues of the Balavoine businessman? a maneuvering learner? #The voice
January Zero never played in Starmania! ud83d ude05 ud83d ude05

– StephenMAE (@stephenMAE) April 3, 2021

Hears @ LaVoz_TF1 “The Entrepreneur’s Blues” is not by Daniel Balavoine! You have to check out your classics!

– Ohanashou (@Shou_Gaming) April 3, 2021

The winner’s drawing will take place on the live stage in a few weeks.

The two singing apprentices performed “Le blues du businessman”. His coach, Amel Bent, finally decided to keep Haha on his team. But Julien was saved by Vianney, who decided to bring him back to her team.

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