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New WhatsApp feature: Emoji reactions available from today

New WhatsApp feature: Emoji reactions available from today

The start of emoji reactions is scheduled for this Thursday, but that does not mean that all users can enjoy the new feature immediately. Because the ad just says “starting today.” It will probably take a few days for each WhatsApp user to receive the corresponding update.

Users regularly discover new features in the beta version

In the trial versions of the messaging application, users regularly find new features or improvements for WhatsApp. Testers discovered a new convenience feature last week:

In the future, up to two smartphones should be able to use the same WhatsApp account. Until now this has not been possible, each account was limited to one smartphone. If you wanted to change this, you always had to verify the new phone first, which also meant that WhatsApp could no longer be used on the other smartphone until you performed another verification there.

The new feature should work similar to the desktop app: You simply scan a QR code on the new device, which then connects the new phone to the appropriate account. There is no exact release date yet for the new dual account usage feature. However, since the option is already included in the beta version, it should be released relatively soon.