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Find 32GB RAM with RGB for MSI X470 Gaming Plus and Ryzen 7 3700X

Questions about exact gaming laptop models

1. What do you want to use your laptop for? Commercial or private use?

private (game)

1.1. Do you want to use the laptop primarily mobile or stationary? How mobile should the laptop be? Should it be a 2-in-1 notebook/convertible?
stationary (rarely transport, but due to temporary space/apartment only laptop is possible)

1.2. If you want to play games: what games? What level of detail?
as “future-proof” as possible, RTX 3070, 3070TI or 3080

1.3. Music/image/video editing or CAD: which software? Professional or hobbyist?

2. How big should the screen be? Do you want a touch screen or a particularly high display quality?
15-17 inches, possibly a little more than FullHD due to performance, touchscreen is not important to me, G-Sync would be nice, HDR is useless with such a screen at 400-500nits anyway

3. How long should the battery last?
I don’t care, there’s still a Macbook Air available for work and battery life and portability.

4. What operating system do you want to use? Is there a license? Does the laptop already have an operating system pre-installed? Do you get Windows through college?
Better directly pre-installed with Win10, otherwise you would have to buy it extra, which also costs again

5. Do you have any wishes regarding design, processing quality, material or colour?
It shouldn’t seem too playful/extremely “gamer”.

6. Are there any other special requirements that were not asked about? Big hard drive? numeric keyboard? keyboard backlight? pen holder? Docking via USB-C/Thunderbolt 3? CD/DVD drive? Discounts (educational)? Service and warranty? maintenance options? SD card reader?
Must be 1TB SSD, 16 or 32GB RAM, upgrade not desirable

7. How much money are you willing to spend? Is buying used an option?
Cheaper is always better, I would not like to spend 500 euros more than necessary, but in principle in the range of 1500-2000 euros. Good experiences are available with Lenovo.
Unfortunately, not all manufacturers specify the TDP of the graphics chip, and I’m (still) confused when it comes to 3080 MaxQ vs. 3070 vs. 3070TI. Is it so “simple” that the 3070TI is always better than the 3070 and what about the Maxq version of the 3080?

With 100 models from MSI and Lenovo and Co., it’s not always easy to see through. What about the processors? Intel 12th Gen > Current AMD Chips? Would you prefer 32 GB of RAM instead of 16 and the least important CPU?

I’ll throw rough candidates here:…Q00U2GE)-Gaming-Notebook/html/product/1807388…Q00XBGE)-Gaming-Notebook/html/product/1807404