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New Windows update fixes printer and sound issues

New Windows update fixes printer and sound issues

Microsoft has released a new update for its Windows operating system that fixes numerous issues from the previous version. This is how the installation succeeds.

Microsoft has released version update KB5016691 for its Windows operating system. This fixes numerous issues that were caused by previous July and August updates.

This also includes the issue that printers connected via USB cable were not recognized and no further print jobs could be performed. It also fixes an issue that caused the sound to be interrupted on some computers.

Apart from this, the new version also includes some improved features. The internal antivirus protection, Microsoft Defender, has been enhanced so that it can better detect malware and thus protect users more effectively against unauthorized access.

Since KB5016691 is an optional update, it must be activated manually. We explain how this works here.

How to install Windows updates manually

To start updating your computer manually, only a few steps are necessary. We explain step by step how to proceed to bring your computer up to date:

Windows settings: In “Update & security” you can check for new improvements available and start a Windows update. (Source: t-online)
  1. Open Windows Settings with the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + I or via the gear icon in the menu.
  2. Click on the “Update and security” section.
  3. At the top it says that an update is available. Clicking “Download Updates” uploads the necessary files to your computer.
  4. The update can be installed with another click.
  5. A final system reboot now ensures that the updated version is applied (this can also be done the next time the system boots).

After the successful version upgrade, all existing issues should no longer occur. However, as a precaution, Microsoft notes that unexpected new issues may still arise. These will be investigated as soon as they become known and then fixed with a new update.

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