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New World Crafting Guide


Check the different New World Crafting skills and how to maximize their potential

Even though you can spend many hours making the best-looking (or unique) character in a fantasy setting, more things are to consider. On the one hand, you’ll need to mix everything with the stats and skills that fit your gameplay style. As a result, you’ll have a clear idea of what role to fulfill when you’re inside any party.

At the same time, you’ll need to have powerful equipment that can enhance your character’s capabilities. These New World Items come with different stats and perks that could overpower your build. But to reach this point, you’ll need to have tons of hours and knowledge in the game.

If you’re in the process of completing the New World Account, the next thing to do is reach the current top-level (60). Afterward, you’ll need to focus on getting some of the best equipment that you can obtain. In this MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online), you have three ways to get the good stuff.

First of all, you can obtain different weapons and armor from enemy drops and chests. Secondly, you can gather multiple goods from the Trading Post, but you’ll need tons of New World Gold. Lastly, you have the option to gather materials and make your equipment.

In this article, we’ll focus on the last route and show you the different methods that you can use to craft additional New World Items.

New World Crafting Guide

If you want to become one of the top crafters in the New World, it is recommendable that you follow the following steps from this guide. Remember that you can always try crafting or change into something else if you feel overwhelmed. After all, you should find those activities that appeal to your favorite gameplay.

Indeed, if you want to focus on the Player versus Player (PvP) elements of New World, crafting your equipment might turn into something “boring.” Still, though, it is easier to collect the best goods (even legendaries) from the working table.

Overall, you’ll need tons of hours if you want to reach the top levels of any crafting skills and produce the top items for your Company. Still, though, you can make things easier if you follow these recommendations.

Setting Things Up

After you finish the tutorial, you’ll get a clear idea about the different tools on your inventory and how they can help you gather materials. Hence, you’ll collect various goods from the first levels and might linger in your bags. Moreover, it would be wise to leave items in the “Storage Shed” from the first town you visit. After you know how to use this “box” correctly, you might need to return and leave materials from time to time.

Later on, you can refine all the items in the Storage Shed to reduce the space and increase your skills. As a result, you could have similar numbers when you check your character’s different gathering/refining/crafting skills. Furthermore, if you lack any material, you can use the “Resource Locations” tab at the Map Menu.

At the moment, you have these skills to master in New World:

Crafting Skills

  • Weaponsmithing:Multiple weapons can enhance the way you play New World. Indeed, you can equip different skills from that particular weapon. Furthermore, you could increase the effectiveness with powerful perks and add the stats that you’ll need. Most noteworthy, the weapon system in New World makes this skill extremely important.
  • Armoring:Add those special perks that set everything together and make your character shine on your server. Additionally, you can try the different types (Heavy, Medium, and Light) on your champion. Therefore, you can check if adding more defense or mobility is necessary.
  • Cooking:Complete different recipes that will leave powerful buffs on your character. First, you can increase health regeneration by unlocking more cooking items. Secondly, you could even improve your stats or add points when you’re crafting any other goods.
  • Jewelcrafting:Make different trinkets that deliver the last touches for a commanding build. Overall, you can add more “flavor” to these New World items with the proper stone and perks.
  • Engineering:A must for all those players that like to use range weapons. With this crafting skill, you can make powerful bows/muskets and arrows/bullets.
  • Arcana:Give the last touches to your mages as you make the perfect magical weapons with the Arcana skill. Also, you can craft powerful potions that restore health, mana or give positive buffs.
  • Furnishing:Build the perfect house with this valuable crafting skill. Most noteworthy, you can make outstanding trophies that add multiple positive buffs for your character.


  • Make sure to complete any Town Project Board as you visit your favorite towns. Some of the missions will increase any skill and give you bonuses when you complete the task. Furthermore, the Territory Standing Points that you’ll get can reduce the time/cost when your gather or make new equipment.
  • You should follow your Faction and set your favorite town with your favorite color (green, purple, or yellow). Some faction bonuses can make things easier when you’re crafting stuff.
  • Sell items with interesting stats or perks in the Trading Post and earn New World Gold. Additionally, you can Destroy some of the worst elements and recover some materials.
  • Buy Houses from different parts of the map to reduce Azoth costs if you need to travel constantly.
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