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New World Preview: Proving Amazon, Third-Time Charm


In previous games on Amazon, Crucible blowing bubbles to face in a puddle Alongside the Grand Tour video games, Bezos’ dream of a video game empire is quite scarce. Still, the sleeves backed by Bezos’ money are still winning and you can’t proudly beat the game table.

Shinsekai is for those who do not know Amazon Game Studio To the world of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Gaming). With a history of weak releases from Amazon, all eyes are on the New World to see if they can co-exist with a long-time giant, let alone the past MMO cemetery of this genre. World of warcraft.

If you were asked to predict that just a few months ago, the answer would probably be a difficult “no”. Back then I wasn’t lucky enough to play the game myself, Repeated Through the preview, I reaffirmed that the game’s recent delay was to bring more content. This is an important focus for MMOs against Blizzard’s 20-year-old giant.

We continued to see the same feedback,” the game’s development lead told us. “Every player loved the game. The feedback became very positive in Alpha. They wanted more.” After a while, Shinsekai is preparing for a more complete experience.

I hope the delay is to add more deer.

In addition to the more intricate boss battles with more quests and dockets to be included in the full release, there was an impressive 50vs50 war mode that I was invited to participate in this preview. The late battles of these epic games are conducted by the game company, aka faction, for territorial management. You fight for a settlement that can be developed and taxed to generate revenue.

Beyond the never-ending pleasure of taxation, game resolution is an important factor in building a powerful device. The New World craft system is very detailed. Not only do resources need to be collected, but the villages need to be refined for optimal creation. Even if you are a productive producer and developing settlements is not yours, there are lots of wars, as you can buy player-owned homes in town!

War is not just a main event.There is also a really fun precursor to the war here called the influence race. David Bar Ferry. At this stage in the war, two other powers of the game compete for the opportunity to declare war through PVP missions. “I think the combination of racing and then actual warfare really works well for this whole idea of ​​this area, metagame, and control. “

Me and 99 other various presses and influencers were put together in a settlement and given a short window to explore while everyone was signing up to fight on the town’s war committee. With so many players waiting, it didn’t take long for the crowd of invitees to fall into the MMO lobby mess. Players duel left and right, other players hold a synchronized dance party. Meanwhile, a huge smoke swirled from another player to test his abilities.

When you’re not fighting in war, there’s an eerie scary ghost that shakes your spine. (And kill)

In the confusion of everyone understanding control and trying to kill each other, I was fortunate enough to be amazed at the sights and sounds of their ability disappearing. The cacophony of magical abilities was sublime. From esoteric meteors striking the ground to dome shields that distort or even eliminate biased attacks, attention to detail in MMO’s entire effects pipeline is noteworthy.

Set in the era of exploration, New World has a wonderful style that combines magic and cavalier. “Aeternum, this island will eventually be lost… [This is] When you add content to the game, it’s the first thing you see,” explained Verfaillie. The influence of ancient Rome has already been bullied, and in addition to its fantastically corrupt world, the New World has much to show itself.

It may be long enough for New World to make its way towards a peak MMO with a rainbow mount and a flaming skull, but by then, we’ve already considered a very sophisticated experience. I am. New World in both visual and core gameplay feel Completed and we have great expectations for the final release. In particular, we’ve added additional polish during the delay.

There is a cult that praises it, as well as the course of corruption.

Over time, players began to notice that they were out of ammo. This was pretty convenient when it came to war, but finally we headed to The Fort, a staging area for discussing tactics. The masses of media and influencers were far from a tactically unified state, with most people looping around waiting for the war to start properly.

“Our guild big company has a channel of disagreements and they actually created a plan to assign which teams go to which doors. So over time, more and more We know that the strategy will definitely evolve,” said Bar Ferry. Unlike the chaotic turmoil of late-game activity that hasn’t started, the New World veterans can benefit from properly thought out strategies. But that didn’t apply to us.

Unfortunately, the developers tried to protect us with some tactics in mind, but at the moment when the barriers went down and plunged into combat, everything didn’t work. At the moment the fort fell into turmoil, Siege’s weapons were quickly built, and players aimed, lit, and stabbed each other.

If I say nothing, I may not realize that I forgot my bow.

Thankfully we were keen on fighting, all It’s a mistake to descend into a stunning chaotic brawl. “There’s always a bit of chaos there.” Verferry said, graciously justified the blood’s desire. “And I want to adopt that part of the war in several ways. That’s because there are a variety of ways PVP can be run in less chaotic locations. So there are a few, but the better you get, the better. “

The overwhelming prewar lobby visuals are back in full due to the blurred lines of the team. Dramatic explosions and abilities ignite, increasing visual confusion and creating an incredibly intense death ballet around the node before attacking the fort body.

After the attacking forces occupied the camp and headed for the fort, some tactical analogues were thankfully returned. A small battle took place at the gate, leading to a great moment of concentrated sword and shooting, highlighting the strength of different loadout abilities. The battle felt very accurate and made me feel like I had won all the kills because I had to properly connect the sword and the shot.

It was all too late before we could gather soldiers with a vibrant speech and finally redo the tactics. The defense team maintained its position, and our suicide Lemmings approach produced few results after rattling the fort’s initial defenses. But in the midst of failure and confusion, the war was a lot of fun.

The territorial war is at a later stage of the New World content, so we need to see if the grind is worth it to get there. Once you get there, you can definitely expect a good time, even if the least coordinated teams come up.

Shinsegae is currently expected to be released in early 2021. Book Now on Steam.

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