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Scalper has already posted the "Limited" switch release Super Mario 3D All Star

Scalper has already posted the “Limited” switch release Super Mario 3D All Star

© Nintendo

Earlier this week, Nintendo celebrated Mario’s 35th anniversary with the launch of several well-themed Nintendo Switch games. The lot highlight was definitely clear Super Mario 3D All Star At the end of the presentation.

Unfortunately, the catch (because there is always one) is “Limited sale“This will only be available until the end of March 2021. It also includes a digital version of the game. Second thing everyone knew was, of course, that Skullpar bought a copy of the game and resold it for a premium price. The RRP for reference is £49.99 / USD $ 59.99 / CAD $ 79.99.

Well, as expected-it’s already happening and the game isn’t out until September 18th. Many retailers, especially in North America, Reportedly Selling many of their pre-orders, opportunists are now flooding websites like eBay with copies of their own future games at a much higher price.

It seems that some of these expensive listings are already offered and even sold. Again, the game will continue until March next year, so there should still be plenty of time. Protect my copy If you want to (physically) reproduce these 3D Mario Adventures in one package.

Did you book your own copy of Super Mario 3D All-Star? Please tell me below.

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