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Revanth Reddy: రేవంత్ రెడ్డికి జైకొట్టిన టాలీవుడ్ ప్రొడ్యూసర్.. ఆయనే పీసీసీ చీఫ్

News18 Telugu – Revanth Reddy: Tollywood producer who beat Revanth Reddy … is the head of the PCC | Tollywood producer comedian Bandla Ganesh endorses Revanth Reddy in TPC’s main run.

Rewanth Reddy (File photo)

The panchayat continues as head of the PCC in the Telangana Congress. Uttam Kumar Reddy resigned as president of the PCC after the defeat of Congress in the GHMC elections along with Dubaka. The PCC post has been vacant ever since. The party in charge, Manikam Thakur, has already received opinions from state leaders on the appointment of a new president. A report was also presented to the High Command on to whom the reins of the PCC should be handed over. Rewanth Reddy, Komatireddy Ventakareddy and other leaders are also in the main race for the PCC. But leaders like VH demand that the leader of the BC receive the position of president of the party. The panchayat in Congress continues to hold this position in the order in which they imagine themselves to be the boss. Tollywood producer and comedian Bandla Ganesh has expressed his views on the post of head of the PCC in such circumstances.

“I respect all the leaders of the state. But a patient with heart disease needs a cardiologist. In my opinion, Rewanth Reddy is the best for the position of head of the CCP, ” Bandla Ganesh said on Twitter. The tweet was tagged for Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Manikam Tagore, and Rewanth Reddy.

It is known that in the Telangana Assembly elections of 2018 the name of Bandla Ganesh was lost. He was in Congress then … He made sensational comments that if his party didn’t win, he would scream. After that, the TRS party won with a large majority and was subjected to a vicious troll. Unable to bear the torture. Bandla Ganesh left politics immediately. Everyone should forget that … He has repeatedly said that he is not in any game. Clarity said she would no longer deal with movies and business. But now he’s back on the news talking about the post of head of the PCC. Bandla Ganesh, who has acted as a comedian in many films in the past, has also acted as a producer for many successful films. After a hiatus of many years, Mahesh Babu has re-entered as an actor through the film ‘Sarileru Nikevvaru’. They are preparing to produce movies again in the next few days. Bandla Ganesh, who met Pawan Kalyan three months ago, announced that he was going to do another project with him. Previously, the Pawan Kalyan star, Teenmar, and Gabbar Singh were also produced by Bandla Ganesha.

Published by:Shiva Kumar Addula

First published:December 26, 2020 9:43 PM IS

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