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how to improve your AZERTY keyboard to write better in French

how to boost your AZERTY keyboard to produce greater in French

By default, AZERTY keyboards do not allow you to style specific really handy people in the French language, this kind of as quotation marks or accented funds letters. This alternate keyboard can make it simple to remedy this challenge.

A standard keyboard

A common keyboard

In the crafting of Frandroid, there are some important equipment that we put in on all computer systems. There is the Antidote spell checker, our Calman assessment application for screening smartphone screens, but also some thing substantially less complicated: a tiny instrument to better variety in French with an AZERTY keyboard in Windows.

On Home windows Computer, the crucial structure related with AZERTY keyboards does not permit you to variety specific people easily: “À”, “œ”, or even the French quotation marks I just utilised. In standard, ASCII codes need to be utilised with shortcuts that are very advanced to memorize. Fortunately, a remedy makes it possible to dispense with these shortcuts and have a structure of the keys actually intended for our language.

Download and put in French keyboard with accented capital letters

We owe this software to Georges Plannelles who offers it on his internet site Skitiks to obtain. It really is cost-free, easy to put in, and compatible with all variations of Home windows, from Home windows XP to Windows 10. This is how to set up it.

  • Download free keyboard
  • In the down load folder, correct-click the file ” “Then decide on” take out all … »
  • In the new folder, ” supercassette_keyboard “Made, double click on” set up.exe »To get started the installation
  • Ignore the Windows SmartScreen notify, the program is not well recognized more than enough to move the filter appropriately

The moment the new keyboard is installed, you will have to configure Windows 10 to use it. There are various options for this. The first is to only use the “ALT + Shift” shortcut to change from one keyboard to another. Alternatively, you can select the accurate keyboard by clicking “FRA FR” on the taskbar.

Very last solution, go to configurations Windows 10, beneath the heading ” Time and language “Then in the” tongue “And decide on the solution” keyboard “To select our new keyboard” French (accented funds letters) ».

With the new keyboard configured effectively, it only remains to discover the new functions.

Making use of the keyboard

This new keyboard is really effortless to discover. Just bear in mind that the vital Alt Gr makes it possible for you to pick specific alternate keyboard keys. Or else, the keyboard follows the exact concepts as the traditional Home windows 10 AZERTY keyboard.

By including the Change vital, we get even much more doable new people.

How to compose accented money letters É, È, Ù and À?

So, to compose the accented capital letter THEIR, just do: AltGr (to acquire the alternative important) + Shift (for a cash letter) + “é”. Commonly, this mixture should produce “2” that shares the very same vital as “2”, but considering that we push the AltGr essential, our funds letter appears accented.

Exact same principle for other cash letters.

  • Is: AltGr + Maj + is
  • Ù: AltGr + Maj + ù
  • To: AltGr + Shift + to

How to create offers in French?

The French quotation marks “and” are commonly made use of in French as an alternative of the English quotation marks (“) which are normally used in electronic media.

With the keyboard, all you have to do is press the adhering to important mix to open up the quotes: AltGr + <. To close them, press AltGr + Shift + <.

How to write special characters like œ, æ or ©?

This keyboard also allows you to type special characters commonly used in French, such as the grapheme œ. Again, just hit Alt and whatever key is most appropriate. Here are some examples.

  • œ: Alt + o (Œ: Alt + Shift + o)
  • æ: Alt + a (Æ: Alt + Maj + a)
  • ©: Alt + c
  • ƒ: Alt + f
  • ™: Alt + t

It is a very practical and essential little tool that we can install in Windows 10. Very easy to use, above all it saves a lot of time on a day-to-day basis.

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