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Nintendo is blocking switch games from extreme e-shop discounts

Nintendo is blocking switch games from extreme e-shop discounts

While Nintendo switch Is a great system and one of its biggest drawbacks must be an e-shop. In addition to being slow and difficult to navigate, certain tabs, such as bestsellers and great deals, were often famous for questionable games of various qualities. The game became visible because the developers thought that with a small price on the game, they could operate the system and top the charts, regardless of quality. After all, what do potential buyers need to lose if the game costs only a penny?

Well, things seem to be changing — and for a while Recent Report on Simon Carless’s Game Discover Co Newsletter.. According to Carless, Nintendo had previously withheld permission to allow games that would take a cent to be on the best-selling list. In fact, when Polygon checked Thursday afternoon, only games priced at least $ 1.99 or higher were listed on the Nintendo Switch e-shop’s best-selling tab.

The deals tab has also changed. This tab contains most of the famous games and discounted titles for at least $ 1.99. Nintendo did not immediately provide comments. Sure, $ 1.99 is still very cheap for a video game, but at least having a bar for what you can qualify will help stop some Shenanigans.

According to the report, a temporary gap was also set up to ban developers from offering 100% “discounts” to players who already own the game from the catalog.Given the Continuous sales success of Nintendo SwitchIt’s no wonder that we’re looking for all the benefits that game creators can get, along with the number of games released each week.

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