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Not only projects and investments but also our imagination to make the room seem bigger

Not only projects and investments but also our imagination to make the room seem bigger

Let’s say we don’t have the money to call in an interior specialist or architect. After a few years, we want to transform the look of our room. Despite the various bonuses, we do not have a budget that will allow us to open a mini construction site. On the other hand, we would very much like to turn everything around and redo the look of the most used room in the house along with the kitchen. How to do? Not just projects and investments, but also our imagination to make the room seem bigger. Perhaps relying on our suggestions and the advice of the experts on our editorial team. If we liked how to reform a small bathroom and adapt it to our needs, let’s also try the hall.

Lighting can make a difference

When we speak of using “a set of lights” we do not necessarily have to refer to the disco or some party. Lights can really make a difference by making a room appear larger. By the way, more and more people are replacing traditional chandeliers with rails. He directed. Without a doubt, we are talking about a modern solution that adapts well to the style and furniture that can be accompanied. But light can make a difference even and especially if it is natural. Flooding the room with as much light as possible means making it bigger. Especially if we have large windows and generously sized terraces. And keep in mind that especially at this time of year, in low light, we might even think about giving up the tents.

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Not only projects and investments but also our imagination to make the room seem bigger

It may seem absurd, but solid walls are beautiful, but they give a feeling of closure. Paintings, prints, posters, billboards and others, will also be fascinating but they close us like a vice. If the room is not so big we should try not to fill its walls. If we do not want to give up on wall decoration, let us remember that a single painting can do more than many together. At the same time, it gives the feeling of a bigger wall.

Order becomes fundamental

This does not usually happen with hallways, but more commonly with bedrooms and kitchens. Environments that lend themselves more to disorder than others in the house. The problem is that if the room is not gigantic, clutter makes it smaller. And by disorder we not only mean things out of place, but also furniture arranged without perfectly fitting the measurements. If we do not want to give up any of the furniture, we simply try to turn it over, sofa first, also adapting it to the light effects that we talked about earlier. The fewer obstacles the light encounters in the room, including the furniture, the larger the space at our disposal will seem.


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